Make the Most of your Loft

It’s no secret that we all crave more space in our family homes today, the way we live has evolved over the years and many of us struggle in properties with far too little storage for our needs. Luckily the answer is closer than you think, above your head to be exact.

By flooring your loft and adding a secure British Standard certified ladder you can double your existing floor space and free up areas in your habitable rooms that may be cluttered with unsightly junk. What’s more, a boarded loft is ideal for households in Glasgow and across Scotland who do not have the budget or need to stretch to a full loft conversion.

We supply and install Easiway Loft Ladder from just £175 (inc VAT)

We have been expertly installing loft ladders throughout Scotland for years offering great value for money to our customers. We run a dedicated team who are committed to bringing your family the safest access to your loft storage. If you don’t already have a hinges drop down hatch, don’t worry – we can offer these to you too. Not only do we provide the ladder and hatch but we won’t let your loft hatch act as a cold spot that allows heat to escape, our insulated loft hatches ensure your home is kept as warm as possible. We will professionally take care of all your loft access needs across Scotland.


    What loft ladders are right for me?

    Metal Loft Ladders

    Aluminium loft ladders are a great choice if you’re looking to save space. This is because we supply them in two or three sections to suit your specific needs. We don’t employ salesmen; our team of experts can travel throughout Glasgow and Scotland for a home consultation to discuss your installation needs. Metal loft ladders are excellent for homes that do not need every day access to the loft, but need the ladders to be easily accessible whenever they may need. Our aluminium ladders come with anti-slip treads as standard.

    Heavy Duty Loft Ladders

    For homes that need to access their loft more often, why not install a deluxe aluminium ladders? They work much in the same way as our traditional aluminium ladders and are very easy to use though are a more substantial material for repetitive use.

    Timber Loft Ladders

    For homes in Scotland looking for quiet loft access, timber loft ladders are the right choice for you. This is because timber ladders are quieter to operate than aluminium. These types of ladders can often feel more comfortable for users who are uncomfortable with the way aluminium ladders bend when in use, though this is a completely intentional part of the design.

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    Telescopic Loft Ladder

    Installation & Fitting Included£350

    The 30100000 2.6m Telescopic Loft Ladder is ideal for small hatches with minimal storage space and is easy to install and operate. This ladder features automatic locking system, extra wide treads and rubber feet for safety and protection to flooring.


    StyleRough Opening (LxW) (m)Max. Load (kg)Material
    Telescopic0.60m x 0.51m150kg (23.6st)Aluminium
    • Adjustable to 3 lengths
    • Manufactured in anodised aluminium
    • Rubber feet for safety and protection to flooring
    • Easy to install and operate
    • No cutting required
    • Automatic locking and release
    • Extra wide treads for comfort and safety

    Spacemaker Loft Ladder

    Installation & Fitting Included£150

    The 30234000 Spacemaker aluminium sliding loft ladder is lightweight and easy to install. This quality and sturdy 2 section features wide and slip-resistant treads, unique shoot bolt fastening and rubber feet. Ideal for occasional use in the home.

    StyleRough Opening (LxW) (m)Max. Load (kg)Material
    2 Section0.46m x 0.41m150kg (23.6st)Aluminium
    • Lightweight and easy to install
    • Wide and slip-resistant steps for comfort when climbing
    • Unique shoot bolt fastening for safety and ease of use
    • Slip-resistant rubber feet
    • Complete with all fittings
    • Safety certification: BS EN14975

    Easiway Loft Ladder

    Installation & Fitting Included£175

    The 31334000 3 section Easiway sliding aluminium loft ladder is ideal in restricted spaces. This ladder is easy to use and designed for occasional use in the home. Features include a handrail and unique shoot bolt fastening for safety and ease of use.

    StyleRough Opening (LxW) (m)Max. Load (kg)Material
    3 Section0.51m x 0.43m150kg (23.6st)Aluminium
    • Ideal in restricted spaces
    • Handrail to aid safe climbing
    • Unique shoot bolt fastening for safety and ease of use
    • Pivot arm for smooth, gliding operation
    • Wide and comfortable treads
    • Safety certification: BS EN14975

    Eco S Line Loft Ladder

    Installation & Fitting Included£300

    The 34535000 Eco S Line is a 3 section folding timber loft ladder with an insulated draught-proof hatch. Features include a handrail and slip-resistant treads. This loft ladder is stored within the trapdoor so no loft floor space is used. Suitable for heights up to 2.81m.

    StyleRough Opening (LxW) (m)Max. Load (kg)Material
    3 Section1.15m x 0.57m150kg (23.6st)Timber
    • Spring hatch lowering mechanism for smooth effortless use
    • Rubber draught excluder
    • 20mm thick white-faced trapdoor with high-insulating design reduces heat loss
    • Handrail to aid safe climbing
    • Requires no arc space for clearance or storage space in the loft
    • Slip-resistant treads and feet
    • Easy use; timber pull and push rod
    • Fits in UK standard 0.6m joist centres
    • Solid spruce loft ladder
    • Extension kit (34635000) available

    Timberline Loft Access Kit

    Installation & Fitting Included£600

    The 34530300 Timberline Loft Access Kit is a sturdy and perfect loft access solution for DIY installation. The folding loft ladder stores within the trapdoor so no loft floor space in the loft is used. Features include spring-assisted stowage and slip-resistant treads for comfortable climbing. Comes complete with fully insulated trapdoor, loft surround and all fittings. Suitable for heights up to 2.8m.

    StyleRough Opening (LxW) (m)Max. Load (kg)Material
    3 Section1.13m x 0.55m150kg (23.6st)Timber
    • Suitable for heights up to 2.8m (9ft 2in)
    • Comes complete with loft ladder, 26mm insulated trapdoor, loft surround and all fittings
    • Fully insulated trapdoor prevents loss of heat and draughts
    • Loft ladder stores within trapdoor so no loft floor space or headroom in the loft is used
    • Spring-assisted stowage for smooth opening and closing
    • Slip-resistent treads for comfort when climbing
    • High quality timber constriction
    • Suitable for DIY installation

    Columbus Exclusive Aluminium Concertina Loft Ladder

    Installation & Fitting Included£2500

    An extremely robust and reliable concertina ladder, supplied with hatch lining and trapdoor, ideal for commercial applications. Fitted with a brilliant counterbalance system, operation is virtually effortless, making this an extremely easy to use ladder.

    • Loft Ladder manufactured from die-cast aluminium
    • Supplied as a complete unit with a heavy duty concertina loft ladder, timber casing frame (hatchbox) and a timber trapdoor
    • Suits floor to ceiling heights up to 4.6m (heights above 3.1m are classed as made to measure)
    • Available in a range of standard opening sizes
    • Loft Ladder stores completely within the hatch space
    • Uses an Integral Spring Hardware system for ease of operation
    • Comes supplied with 1 x Telescopic Handral as standard
    • Insulated Trapdoor 62mm thick (U-Value U = 0.58 W/m²k), white faced on underside
    • The draught proofed timber hatchbox supplied is constructed from 19mm plywood (white finish) and measures 240mm deep
    • Trapdoor also fitted with a sprung loaded catch (ring pull operated) for lowering and closing the door
    • Supplied with white architraves to enhance the finish
    • Unit complete with Operating Pole & full Installation Instructions
    • Optional 2nd side Telescopic Handrail available for the unit
    • Optional Top Operation Facility to enable operation from above (requires 850mm beyond & 500mm above hatch for clearance)
    • Tested to EN 14975 (European Ladder Standard) with a 200kg per tread resilience
    • Optional Metal Loft Exit Grab Rails measure 900mm high & 600mm wide (available in black or white)

    Timber Balustrade Kit

    Installation & Fitting Included£150

    The Timber Balustrade Kit is an ideal solution for guarding the loft floor opening. A simple installation that can work with a range of loft opening sizes by trimming the timber lengths to suit your application.

    Timber Balustrade Kit – Information
    MaterialSpruce (pine)
    FinishReady to Stain, Paint or Varnish
    Size Options1200 x 700mm
    1500 x 750mm
    Items Provided4 x Uprights
    2 x Horizontals (for 3 sides)
    2 x Metal Stabilizers
    ConstructionForms a 3 sided Balustrade with the addition of metal stabilizers (improves durability)
    Balustrade Height950mm

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