Loft Ladder Installation in Glasgow

We are a specialist loft installation company in Glasgow, offering a full loft fitting service, starting from the initial consultation when we find out your requirements and then give our recommendation on the most suitable ladder we think is best for you. We will then install your loft ladder and any other loft access equipment and provide suitable aftercare if needed.

We operate across Scotland and are capable of installing your loft ladder no matter where you live. We also provide other loft access services such as installing a drop down loft hatch so you can access your loft as well as being able to add loft flooring for easier accessibility of your loft. Our all-in-one service is a great benefit to any homeowner as we are able to take care of all your loft needs, saving you time and a lot of hassle hiring many specialists to do separate jobs.

Featured Fakro Loft Ladders

Fakros loft ladders enable homes to finally make use of uninhabited lofts without having to invest in an expensive and space consuming staircase. All Fakro ladders are pre-assembled allowing for quick installation and a helps ensure you that the ladder in assembled properly, this is a great bonus as it enables your ladder to be installed quickly causing less disruption to your daily lives.

Fakro uses a hinge and bracket system allows more space inside the ladder compared to products using older technology on the market today.

All Fakro loft ladders offer a 3 year warranty, this shows how much confidence they have in their product and gives peace of mind, the quality of Fakro products are truly exceptional and their 3 year warranty is a sign of just how high quality their products are.

All technical and safety requirements required of loft ladders are met, this is an essential factor when choosing a loft ladder, Fakro does this while still being able to provide ease of use and comfort to their customers.

Space saving is a key factor when considering a loft ladder, it is important that your ladder does not consume all of your space both when deployed or when stored. Most Fakro ladders have the option to be folded which saves a considerable amount of space when stored in your loft, maximising the potential your loft has for storage. With every loft ladder an opening rod is supplied to allow for easy opening of your drop down hatch, this is a great addition that speeds up the process of deploying your loft ladder. Other accessories are also available as an additional option.

The MSU Universal “Miller” staircase

This staircase loft ladder is made from solid spruce wood, a high quality wood that can carry a lot of weight. With a maximum carry weight of 160kg this ladder can carry more weight than competitor’s ladders where the maximum is usually 150kg. The ladder is capable of adding accessories to it such as a hand rail on the left or right hand side of the ladder. The treads of the steps are set flush with ladder strings and the Fakro ladder has a 3 year warranty.

Wooden folding section loft ladder - LWF

The LWF folding wooden loft ladder features a stylish high quality ladder made constructed wood. It is capable of holding a maximum of 160kg, making this a very durable and reliable ladder for any user. The LWF version actually has fire resistant properties which helps prevent it from catching fire. This is a great choice of ladder if you are subject to stipulations as specified in building regulations. A 3 year warranty and a handrail is included with this ladder, as well as stile ends to prevent marking your flooring and featuring non slip treads to protect you from slipping on the steps.

Metal folding section loft ladders – LML

The LML Luxe is a variant of Fakros folding metal ladders, it’s fully metal construction allows it to carry more weight than most loft ladders on the market, with a maximum load weight of 200kg. This luxury ladder features extras not available on other variants, such as a telescopic stile end which extends to provide a sturdier fit on the ground if needed.  A built in ladder unloading system allows for an easy deployment of the ladder. It’s easy to climb the ladder using its built in handrail and non-slip treads that will keep you safe and free from slipping on the ladder when in use. This ladder comes with a 3 year warranty and is fully assembled allowing us to install this ladder in your home reasonably quickly and with minimal hassle.

Scissors loft ladders – LSF

Fakros scissor loft ladders are a great option if you are looking for a simple loft ladder. Features include a fire resistant hatch that will act as a smoke block to prevent it going into a smoke free storey, you may be told to only use a fire resistant hatch by building regulations, if so this is an ideal option. This ladder allows quick installation into the ceiling thanks to the overall design and additional accessories may be added if wished. This ladder can adapt to different ceiling heights by make use of its unique feature of adding and detaching different segments. With a 3 year warranty and a max carry load of 200kg this is an ideal ladder for those who want a ladder that can vary its length, carry a large load and is allowed in a building with building regulations by being fire resistant.

Expert Loft Ladder Installation

All of our loft fitters in Glasgow have years of experience, they are highly trained in their field and are capable of efficiently installing your loft ladder with minimal disruption to your everyday life. We believe that only the highest quality loft ladder installation in Glasgow is acceptable. We properly install loft ladders into households without causing any negative side effects, many loft fitters with either limited experience or knowledge are known to create cold spots within your home, an area where all the heat from your home is lost through the loft. We are highly trained and our expert loft ladder installers in Glasgow have the experience and knowledge needed to ensure your house does not lose heat from your loft. We have a strict process to ensure your loft ladder is safe for use, we also ensure that your ladder lasts as long as it possibly can.

Which Loft Ladder is best for me?

We can take the hassle from choosing a loft ladder away from you. Our expert knowledge and experience over the years has enabled us to assess your requirements and make a professional choice on what ladder we think is most suitable for your household and your needs. We have a wide selection of brands to choose from with different advantages. Popular ladders include those which are fire resistant to be used in buildings with specific building regulations, folding ladders for space saving, wooden ladders for noise reduction and heavy duty metal ladders for heavy weight loads.

Let us take care of picking the perfect ladder for your requirements, we then can supply your chosen ladder and then have our highly trained loft ladder fitters with years of experience install the ladders for you.

Benefits of Loft Ladders

Loft ladders are the gateway to making your loft accessible. They allow you to make use of the space in your loft and make the most of your home. Without a loft ladder you would need a traditional ladder to access your loft, this is a risky choice as the ladder is not secure and can result in harm. We recommend a loft ladder for health and safety as well as ease of accessibility.

Benefits of Wooden Loft Ladders

  • Staining the wood will increase its lifespan. Aesthetic, gives a feel of traditional and warm homeliness.
  • Can be cut to the right size, allowing a perfect fit into your home.
  • Wooden loft ladders are not as noisy as their metal counterparts, allowing for a quiet deployment of your ladder.

Benefits of Aluminium Loft Ladders

  • Strong metal construction allows the ladder to carry more weight.
  • Corrosion resistance, the ladder won’t corrode, which improves the lifetime of the ladder.
  • Resistance to moistures, the ladder will be relatively rust free when exposed to moisture, unlike other materials like steel.
  • Light material, allowing for easier installation of the loft ladder.

Workman’s Warranty

We offer a one year workman’s Warranty as a minimum for all installations of loft ladders, this is a great benefit as you be can assured that if there is any problems after we install it you are protected by warranty. All of Fakros loft ladders have a 3 year warranty. We believe we are the best choice for loft ladder installation thanks to our highly trained loft fitters, our workman’s warranty and our premium ladders.

Customer Care

We have a strong belief that high quality customer care is an essential part of providing a great service, if you have any questions we are happy to help. We have the expert knowledge and are able to pick the most suitable ladder based on your needs. Any problems that occur with your ladder we are able to promptly provide the solution.
Drop Down Hatches.

If you do not have a loft hatch or do not have a suitable drop down loft hatch installed, we are able to install one for you. We are specialists in all loft access equipment and are capable of providing the best service to our customers whether that be installing a loft ladder, a drop down hatch or loft flooring. If your building has specific building regulations we are able to provide fire resistant loft hatches, this acts as a smoke block to prevent any smoke reaching the storey above your home in case there is a fire.

Drop Down Hatches

If you do not have a loft hatch or do not have a suitable drop down loft hatch installed, we are able to install one for you. We are specialists in all loft access equipment and are capable of providing the best service to our customers whether that be installing a loft ladder, a drop down hatch or loft flooring. If your building has specific building regulations we are able to provide fire resistant loft hatches, this acts as a smoke block to prevent any smoke reaching the storey above your home in case there is a fire.

Affordable Loft Ladder Installation

We aim to provide the best competitive rates, with our loft ladder installation service starting at £149.99 including VAT we are able to provide the best service possible but also at an affordable price. We can also supply your chosen ladder to be installed and take care of other loft work such as loft drop down hatches and loft flooring.

High Quality Loft Ladders

When we recommend a loft ladder that fits your requirements, we have selected from some high quality ladder brands, we put a real focus on providing the highest quality of loft ladder possible as part of our service. From our years of experience, we know what ladders are capable of taking on your needs. It is important that you have a ladder installed that is safe to use, will have a long lifetime and is capable of taking on a large load. Other loft installers in Glasgow may base their recommendation on the lowest priced ladder to achieve a higher profit, which can lead to a ladder with a small lifespan and can be potentially dangerous.

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