About Lyte Loft Ladders.

Lyte ladders have been manufacturing ladders since their launch in 1947. Their aluminium and fibreglass ladders are of an exceptional high quality. Their ladders are popular all over the world and the brand’s ladders were even used during a trip to the summit of Everest in 1953, it’s thought the ladder is still there today.

Each Lyte ladder is manufactured in Swansea, UK and the brand is only of the only companies who still produces their ladders solely in the UK.

This gives Lyte and exceptional advantage over quality control which Your Loft Ladders then brings to you.

Each of Lyte’s products are certified to the relevant BSI standards.  They also have a fully PASMA & LMA accredited training centre, this gives customers and users of Ladders & Towers the opportunity to ensure they are fully competent to use the equipment they have installed on their premises.


    About Your Loft Ladders

    Your Loft Ladders are a Glasgow based company. We are specialists in loft ladder installation, entrance hatch installation and loft flooring. We can bring you the skills and expertise you need to increase the usable space in your home.

    Each skilled staff member we employ has years of experience and come fully accredited to ensure your loft ladder installation is completely safely with minimal disruption to your daily life.

    Transforming your attic space with an attic ladder from our loft ladders Scotland specialists is a quick and easy way to reinvent the way space is used in your home. You can gain safe access to the once unused space to accommodate modern family life. Our Lyte loft ladders ensure safe entry and exit to your loft.

    What’s more, we have skilled craftsmen who can adjust the position of your existing loft hatch to maximise space and suit your home’s individual needs. These all come with safety rails as standard and every item we install in your home are fully compliant with British Standard Regulations.

    Metal Loft Balustrade

    We take pride in providing exemplary health and safety to our customers and for our staff. This means with every attic ladder we install, we will also install a metal loft balustrade or safety rail.

    This makes entering and exiting your loft far safer especially when carrying goods in your hands such as boxes and other items for storage.

    Vision is often impaired when entering your loft, ensuring you have something to grab on to limits the chance of accident and injury.

    Use our safety rails to guide you in and out of the loft space. What’s more every loft ladder we install comes with safety treads as standard to aid your safety further.

    • Guarantee 1 Year.
    • Floor to Floor Height 2.17 to 2.61 m.
    • Loft Space Vertical Clearance 235 mm.
    • Loft Space Horizontal Clearance 235 mm.
    • Min Loft Opening Size Required 510 x 600 mm.
    • Class Complies with EN131 (Max Load 150 kg).

    Lyte Loft Ladders Offer Value for Money

    Your Loft Ladders can have loft ladders fitted for as little as £149.99 including VAT. We specialise in offering the lowest prices whilst still ensuring the highest quality. It’s highly important to use a company who focus on the safety and regulations of installing loft ladders and not simply knock down prices.

    These highly discounted ladders can often not meet regulations and their tradesman may not have the high skill level that our team have.

    Have Loft Ladders Fitted by the Experts

    We have years’ experience in the Glasgow loft ladder industry and use our expertise to transform your home.

    If you don’t already have a hinges drop down hatch, don’t worry – we can offer these to you too. Not only do we provide the ladder and hatch but we won’t let your loft hatch act as a cold spot that allows heat to escape, our insulated loft hatches ensure your home is kept as warm as possible. We will professionally take care of all your loft access needs across Scotland.

    What loft ladders should I choose?

    Your Loft Ladders offer different types of attic ladders to suit your home’s needs. The ladder you choose will depend on the amount of access you need to your loft, style preference and loft size. Every loft ladder we install adheres to strict British Standard regulations and have safety treads as standard.

    We offer no obligation home visits from expert tradesmen, we don’t employ salesman. We will discuss your needs and help you choose the correct attic ladder for your home.

    Aluminium Lyte Loft Ladders

    For homes that are slightly smaller, we recommend aluminium ladders. These are a great space saver and can come in two or three sections to suit the size of your home.

    If you don’t access your loft every day, but still need safe and durable access then aluminium ladders are a perfect choice. Our anti-slip treads and metal hand rail ensures safe access in and out of your attic space.

    Aluminium is a strong product, something Lyte ladders are known for. The brand supply both domestic and commercial grade ladders so you know your attic ladders are made from British made premium quality materials.

    Wooden Loft Ladders

    Many homes like a peaceful and quiet environment! If this is your preference then you will benefit from having timber loft ladders installed. Timber ladders are much quieter when opening and alighting. What’s more, this is a material to have your loft ladders fitted in if you are wary of heights.

    Timber loft ladders do not “bend” when in use like aluminium ones do. Please note, the bend in aluminium loft ladders is part of the design and completely normal. However, this can be disconcerting for those who have height anxiety.

    Heavy Duty Loft Ladders

    When you access your loft more often it’s vital to invest in having a more durable loft ladder fitted. We offer a deluxe range of aluminium ladders which are extremely similar to our standard loft ladders but are more suitable for more substantial for constant use.

    Telescopic Loft Ladders

    For those who have a small space, a telescopic ladder is the ideal space-saving ladders. They use minimal floor space and allow you to maximise the usable space in the loft. These ladders may be small but are extremely durable and can be used in both domestic and commercial properties.

    • Guarantee 1 Year.
    • Floor to Floor Height 2.17 to 2.61 m.
    • Loft Space Vertical Clearance 235 mm.
    • Loft Space Horizontal Clearance 235 mm.
    • Min Loft Opening Size Required 510 x 600 mm.
    • Class Complies with EN131 (Max Load 150 kg).

    Concertina Loft Ladders

    A concertina ladder is also a great ladder to use in limited spaces. There is no need for clearance in the loft space as the ladder folds into a cube. This type of ladder will fit in almost any loft space and are ideal for homes with low ceilings. These ladders are very strong and provide excellent tread – perfect when carrying storage boxes to the loft.

    • Guarantee 1 Year.
    • Floor to Ceiling Height 2.73 - 3.00 m.
    • Loft Space Vertical Clearance 0 mm.
    • Loft Space Horizontal Clearance 0 m.
    • Min Loft Opening Size Required 500 x 600 mm.

    Install Lyte Loft Ladders and Transform your Home

    The way we live has changed and we’re in desperate need of room more than ever. The houses we live in are often older and not built for the demands of millennial living. Storage is scarce with cupboards bursting at the seams. If this sounds like an all too familiar problem then Lyte loft ladder installation is what you need to bring a new sense of space to your home.

    • Using our loft ladder company means you can increase your floor space by 100%
    • Regain your habitable rooms for living, not storage
    • Lyte ladders offer easy and safe access to your loft
    • Attic ladders are all compliant with British Standards

    Loft Ladders Glasgow

    We can install loft ladders in Glasgow, Edinburgh and the surrounding areas; it’s a great way to gain more usable space if you don’t have the budget to stretch to a full loft conversion.

    3 Section Aluminium sliding Lyte loft ladder. Min Hatch Size 432 x 508mm

    • Factory assembled - installs in minutes
    • Certified to BSEN14975:2006
    • Clear and easy to follow instructions
    • Box section styles for strength and comfort
    • Spring loaded catches
    • Handrail included on two and three section
    • Non slip rubber feet for safety
    • Maximum load 150kg

    Please note: This product is designed to be used in in the home and for short duration work.  These are high quality products designed for light and infrequent use.  They are not suitable for the trade environment

    Benefits of Lyte Aluminium Loft Ladders

    • Slim and compact design for easy storage in the loft
    • Spring assisted arm inside the loft which allows totalcontrol when lowering or storing the loft ladder
    • Manufactured to fi t most loft hatches
    • Comfortable handrail for added safety
    • Installation instructions and user guide included
    • Certified to BS EN14975

    This loft ladder can come in either two or three sections.

    Two section:

    • Max. Height 2.67m
    • Min. Height 1.25m
    • Pitch 457mm x 560mm
    • Vertical Pitch 280mm

    Three Sections:

    • Max. Height 3.00m
    • Min. Height 1.05m
    • Pitch 432 x 508
    • Vertical Pitch 280mm
    • Min. Internal Loft Height 1010mm

    Lyte Easiloft 3 Section Timber Loft Ladder - Fully Assembled, Including Insulated Hatch Door and Handrail

    The Lyte Easiloft 3 section wooden loft ladder is simple and straight forward to install, and comes pre-assembled, this makes it extremely quick for our expert loft ladder fitters to fit.

    The loft ladder comes complete with handrail for safety and convenience. Here at Your Loft Ladders we take health and safety very seriously and only install ladders which meet tight health and safety regulations.

    The ladder fits on the trap door when folded; this means no loft clearance is required when closing. This is perfect for smaller homes.

    The ladder comes with a white sandwich type insulation lid which is 26mm thick, and there is perfect tightness between lid and door frames, owing to a special gasket in the case.
    The treads are fastened to the ladder by dovetail joints. The treads are also non-slip for additional safety. Contact us today to discuss your Lyte ladder needs. We install attic ladders across Scotland.

    • Continuous seal around trap door reduces heat loss
    • Fully assembled and easy to install
    • White 26mm Thick Insulated Trapdoor
    • Dovetail Joints for added durability
    • Slip resistant treads
    • White 26mm Thick Insulated Trapdoor
    • This ladder also comes in a 4 section model.

    Your Loft Ladders Workman’s Guarantee

    The expert Glasgow based team at  Your Loft ladders are confident we will install your Lyte loft ladders to an impeccable standard, we even offer a minimum 1 year workman’s warranty as standard. Each of our Lyte loft ladders fitted throughout Scotland is completely compliant to British Standards and can carry up to 150kg load maximum. Contact us today for a no obligation home consultation and quote.

    Your Loft Ladders Customer Care

    Lyte loft ladders are a safe and durable product which comes with helpful user manuals which can assist with any product queries you may have. However, customer care is at the very heart of what we do at Your Loft Ladders in Glasgow. Please contact us with any questions you may have and we will endeavour to answer them quickly and effectively.  We supply and install loft ladders Scotland to a large number of properties throughout the whole of Scotland and our customer service team is happy to help with any queries you may have.

    Skilled Workmen Ensure Safety

    Our workmen are skilled in installing Youngman loft ladders Glasgow and are trained to do so safely, Each of our loft ladders are compliant with British standards to ensure the safety of our customers and maintain the integrity of our company.

    Your Loft Ladders Reviews

    Professional Suppliers and Installers of Loft Ladders in Scotland.

    Here at Your Loft Ladders we are dedicated to providing your property with durable, safe and long lasting access to your loft. Our expert tradesmen will discuss your exact needs all with no obligation.