Werner wants the best value for customers, they always add value to what they provide so the customer gets the most benefits of being a Werner customer as they can. Werner provides world class training on the correct use of ladders, the participants are trained to use ladders safely and effectively by industry professionals.

Werner also provides free information in the form of leaflets to let anyone looking to buy a ladder know which one would be best suited to them. Knowing what type of ladder, you need is essential information as the wrong ladder being used is one of the main causes of ladder injuries.

To live up to Werners high quality standards they have introduce a 25 year guarantee for all their ladders. Werner have put so much dedication into their products to make them last decades even after hard frequent use. Their 25 year guarantee symbolises just how reliable Werners ladders are. A Werner loft ladder will be able to last an astonishing amount of time and may never need to be replaced until 30 years later.

Werner has a goal, to support their customers in the UK by helping them grow their business and also to help others find the best ladders possible.

Werner in the UK is based in Maldon, Essex but it’s EU headquarters is based in Switzerland.

Werner Loft Ladder 2 Section with Handrail

The Werner Loft Ladder is a full metal ladder made out of aluminium. Its strong construction makes for a long lasting and safe ladder for home use. The ladder has a handrail to assist users on the ladder and to prevent them from falling. The ladder can bear a maximum of 150kg can weigh up to 23 stone and the ladder will not become damaged by you. The loft ladder has a white hatch which gives an aesthetic look to it.

Werner Loft Ladder 3 Section with Handrail

This Werner Loft Ladder has 3 sections to allow you to cater for a high ceiling height but a small loft hatch, so you can store your long ladder in a smaller space. The ladder is suitable for up to 3m (9ft 10in) so can cater for those with high ceilings. A side rail comes with the ladder which should be used when entering and leaving the loft, to keep you safe and protect you from falling. The ladders have a plastic material to protect your flooring when using the ladder, Werner loft ladders are always built with you in mind to ensure you are the safest you possibly can be when working at heights.

Werner Loft Ladder 2 Section Timber

This loft ladder was built with timber instead of the popular metal aluminium, the Werner timber loft ladder can take a maximum of 150kg of weight at once (23 stone). We believe that the timber loft ladders are more attractive if you want to have a luxury feel to your loft ladder. Timber loft ladders are less noisy compared to their metal counterparts and so are great for reducing noise pollution in the middle of the night.

Werner Fixed Telesteps Loft Ladder

The Werner Fixed Telesteps loft ladder has a very clean and minimalist design. It has been constructed to cater for homeowners who have little storage space in their loft. The ladder is attached to the trapdoor and it completely fits inside that space instead of using your valuable storage space. This ladder is suitable to hold 150kg of weight maximum at a time. If you have a small loft and your ceiling height is low, then we recommend this ladder, it’s able to be conveniently stored in without wasting space.


Werner Co. was founded by Richard D. Werner back in 1922. Richard D. Werner started off in his early beginning selling different materials for floors, carpets and walls. Eventually, Werner Co. started to specialise in a selection of metal moulds and after World War 2 the company started making use of aluminium to create a wide selection of ladders designed for different needs. These high quality ladders are used for different trades as well as different people from non-trade backgrounds who fancy themselves DIY enthusiasts. Although Werner has diversified many times they are most known for their popular and high quality ladders they produce. To this day Werner’s is known to be one of the best and most popular ladder manufacturers in the whole world.

Environmentally friendly Loft Ladders

Werner prides themselves as being renowned for their pledges to a better future. They have practices implemented that their whole company follows which allows them to be more environmentally friendly across the board. Theses environmental practices are:

  • Reducing waste by recycling metal and other materials used by Werner, with Werner’s huge scale of production this accounts for a massive amount of materials recycled by Werner’s manufacturing facilities.
  • Conserve energy by making the most of daylight where possible, this ingenious strategy of making the most use of natural light helps reduce electricity costs lowering the cost of their ladders but also reducing the overall electrical output they use in their facilities and buildings.
  • Include environmental and health and safety considerations into any business decision making process. Werner has an ethos of involving environmental and health and safety issues into every decision they make. Using this rule, they are able to reduce the impact they have on the environment as it is always involved in their decisions, health and safety of their workforce and the end user is always considered to ensure their products are designed to be as safe as possible.

Werner has stated that they apply these environmental practices to everything they do, they want to be a company who is as environmentally friendly as possible.  The environmentally friendly ethos Werner has established within their company is one of the reasons why we have chosen Werner to be one of the Loft ladder suppliers we use, they are dedicated to quality and creating the best product possible.

Loft Ladders Glasgow

At Your Loft Ladders we provide loft ladders to a whole range of clients all over Scotland. Many old loft ladders in households are considered unsafe, this is certainly a serious issue and could result in serious harm. We can install a brand new loft ladder that is not only suitable for your home but is chosen based on how you plan on using your loft. We find out exactly what you want from your ladder and discuss with you the options and also make a recommendation on the most suitable loft ladder for your home.

The absence of a guarantee or your guarantee running out is not a situation you want to be in. It is paramount that you are covered if your ladder has problems, we offer at least one year’s workman warranty on all of our installed ladders, allowing you peace of mind. A ladder installed with no warranty is not only a warning sign that your ladder is either of low quality or that your installation was not done by professional ladder fitters, this can result in a costly repair or a full reinstallation of a new loft ladder. Don’t risk your safety or money on a poorly fitted ladder, use us for your ladder installation and we will not only provide you a professional loft ladder installation in Glasgow but will also provide warranty on your installation too.

High Quality Loft Ladders

We have handpicked a selection of ladder suppliers based on their overall quality, we keep away from cheap ladders that other installers use as we truly believe on providing the best ladder for our clients, not to make a few extra pounds supplying a poor quality product. Our experience in the industry has given us the relevant knowledge and experience needed to make a professional decision on what ladders are the best. Not only that, but with our knowledge we are able to recommend what ladder we think is the most suitable for your home and caters for your needs.

Skilled Loft Fitters

We have a team of highly skilled loft fitters who are trained to install your ladder efficiently. Our fitters are all shown how to install a loft ladder without creating any cold spots, an area which lets the heat escape from your home. We regard our Loft Fitters as experts in our field and believe they are better trained and more experienced than other competitors in the industry. We ensure that your ladder and drop down hatch installation is compliant to British Standards. We ensure that your ladder can take a load of up to 150kg, as well as doing checks to make sure your loft ladder is safe. We also take certain steps to help your ladder last as long as possible.

Loft Ladder Warranty

We currently offer a minimum of one year’s Workman’s warranty to all our customers as standard. The warranty is another reason to use us, if something goes wrong with your loft ladder you have the necessary warranty to get your problem solved. We believe that only the best ladder fitters, the most suitable ladder and warranty is the service all our customers should receive.

Hinges Drop Down Hatch

If you are looking into installing a loft ladder, installing a drop down hatch is also needed. A drop down hatch is an opening in your ceiling which is opened to gain access to your loft. Many households already have a drop down loft hatch, however if you don’t we can supply and install a loft hatch for you. A common issue that sometimes presents itself when a loft hatch is installed by someone who is neither trained nor experienced in the field is cold spots, an area where the loft allows the heat from your home to escape through the loft hatch, with the cost of heating and the low temperature we have in Scotland, it’s risky to have a hatch installed by someone who is not a professional in loft fitting. A poorly installed hatch can be very costly and increase your heating bill. We provide a highly skilled installation service for all sorts of loft access equipment and our installers are able to prevent any heat escaping through your loft, by taking out the correct steps to install your ladder without skipping essential steps.

Affordable Loft Ladder Installation in Glasgow

Your Loft Ladders is very competitive on pricing, we understand the competitive market we are in and are confident we can provide very affordable prices. We can install your loft ladder starting at £149.99 including VAT. Our affordable pricing includes everything you need to have your loft ladder installed professionally, quickly and most importantly, safely. Our competitive pricing is of incredible value for money, as we provide skilled loft ladder fitters with years of experience who are trained to Your Loft Ladders high standards. We provide at least one year’s workman’s warranty and can assist you with making the right choice of loft ladder to use for your home. We also install drop down hatches if your hatch is old, deemed unsafe or you simply do not have one. We are experts in providing loft access equipment as well as taking part of the whole loft fitting process.

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