Deluxe Loft Ladder

The Youngman Deluxe Loft Ladder is a perfect example of a reliable and long lasting Loft Ladder. It’s full metal construction allows the ladder to be regularly used. The twin handrails allows for safety when climbing the loft ladder and it’s wide slip resistant treads ensure the user does not slip. The Deluxe Loft Ladder is capable of holding a maximum of 150kg. For an easy withdrawal from the loft, the ladder attaches to the loft hatch.

Easiway Loft Ladder

The Easiway loft ladder is recommended in homes with restricted space. It’s an aluminium loft ladder with a 150kg load capacity. We recommend you use this ladder if you will only use your loft ladder occasionally. The Youngman Easiway is strong and very reliable thanks to its aluminium construction and its thinner design compared to the Deluxe Loft Ladder makes this a great option for those wanting to save space. A hand rail is also attached to the rail to aid with climbing up the loft ladder.

Click Fix 26 Loft Ladder

The Click Fix Loft Ladder is a high quality timber constructed ladder designed for use within the home. It is easy to install and includes an insulated trap door to ensure no heat escapes your home. The ladder is actually stored within the door so you none of your precious floor space is used. If you would like a handrail we can supply one for you but it is at an affordable extra cost. The beautiful timber construction gives the ladder a warm and homely feel and gives a designer look for your home. The Click Fix Loft Ladder can hold a maximum of 150kg which will be more than enough for you to store your items.

Telescopic Loft Ladder

This Youngman Ladder is called the Telescopic Loft Ladder, it allows home owners with small hatches to effectively make use of their small storage space. This ladder is easy to use with an automatic locking system, the ladder is adjustable to 3 lengths and requires no cutting.  The ladder features rubber feet for safety and protection to your flooring. Extra wide treads are also featured to allow comfortable and safe use of your telescopic Loft Ladder.


WC Youngman Ltd was founded in 1926 by Charles Youngman, on the very first day of the national strike, where he ran the business until he died in 1967.

Two years after Charles Youngman passed away the company he created WC Youngman was taken over by SGB Group PLC in 1969. After 17 years of business SGB Group PLC was then acquired by a company known as Mowlem PLC. SGB and Youngman was merged in 1992 in order to form the company SGB Youngman, which was re-floated 5 years later then taken over by the Harsco Corporation in the year 2000.

In 2005, Youngman was purchased by management team and backed by a Private Equity called Matrix Private Equity Partners. The name given to the newly bought out company is Youngman Group Ltd.

2014 was a big year for the Youngman group. They had been acquired by Werner Access Products UK Holdings. This gives Youngman a significant advantage over its competitors as a business as they now have access to Werners huge access to resources as well as their expertise that they can bring to the table to improve Youngman.

WernerCo is an international manufacturer and distributor of high quality equipment intended for use by tradesmen all over the world, they manufacture and distribute storage equipment, jobsite material handling and climbing assistance and fall protection equipment. WernerCo has facilities all over the world to cater for their worldwide customers, they have facilities in 5 continents and all their knowledge and manufacturing ability has now been given access to Youngman to further improve their products and business.


Youngman strives to ensure their values are paramount and are implemented in every day to day task as well as followed during the design and manufacturing of their products. All Youngman ladders have been compliant with the company’s sustainability practices to do their part for the environment.


Youngman is focused making sure all their products are thoroughly tested to make sure they can cause no harm. They have strict manufacturing procedures to ensure their workforce are protected and out of harm’s way. The overall design of their products have a focus on safety and from the design of their products to your door every part of the process had safety measures in place to protect the consumer are the skilled workforce who created it.


Youngman prides themselves on their high level of innovation over the last 90 years no matter which company they belonged to, they believed that through innovation that they would thrive as a company, they were right. Youngman is now part of the Werner Access Products UK Holdings company, part of the WernerCo brand, combined their innovation is incredible and they are able to make new breakthroughs in their current products or be able to create brand new products for their huge audience.


Youngman is renowned for their exceptional quality when it comes to their large selection of products. It’s essential that their ladders and other access equipment is the best quality it can be, a tradesman needs a huge amount of trust in a brand in order for them to use their products, especially when their life is literally depending on the quality of the ladders. Youngman has shown tradesmen and other consumers that their products are ones you can trust thanks to their outstanding quality, strict manufacturing procedures and incredibly strong build. Youngman loft ladders Glasgow are a great option if you want a product that outlasts other products and reassures that you are in safe hands with their outstanding quality.

Customer Care

Customer care is at Youngmans core, they are determined to provide the best customer care and support possible to their customers. If any pre-sale questions are made about their products Youngman has a QA department to allow anyone to contact them and enquire about their products. If any problems arise with a Youngman product their customer service teams are there to assist you with the problems with the aim to produce a positive outcome and keep all Youngman customers happy.


Youngman is all about integrity within the company and when communicating to their audience. Youngman has a duty of care to their customers and remain honest at all times for what their products can and can’t do, they don’t try and provide bogus features with the intention to make a sale, they’re honest and focus on the strong points of what they create, through honesty they build trust with their customers and this is why their business has thrived. They provide high quality, reliable ladders and other access equipment to tradesmen and other consumers.

Youngmans strong moral principles make they a brand to trust. One of the main purchasing factors behind buying a specific brand of loft ladder is whether you can trust the brand behind the ladder to keep you safe when using their product. With a reliable company like Youngman, you can.

Environmentally friendly ladder brand

Youngman and WernerCo have committed themselves to constantly improving their business processes to enable them to be as environmentally friendly as possible. They focus on the environmental, social and economic impacts that their business has on the world and aim to keep any negative impacts to a minimum. They believe that sustainability is a factor of the success of the companies and by using sustainable work processes, equipment and materials they are able to stay ahead of the competition.

Werner and Youngman states that they know their customers want a high quality product that’s safe and manufactured in a sustainable way. Their raw material conversion and production processes were created to reduce the negative effects from their operations. They have different practises to help tackle the issue of sustainability:

  • Youngman helps the environment by recycling any materials they have used in their manufacturing processes such as recycling the likes of metal and other materials.
  • Saving energy by making use of daylight to the best of their abilities.
  • By including environmental and health and safety procedures to their decision making processes.

Loft Ladders Glasgow

We supply and install loft ladders Scotland to a large number of properties throughout the whole country. When you move into a new home you may not have considered making sure that your loft ladder is still in working order, it could possibly be damaged over it’s years of use or it’s guarantee has ran out. To keep your family safe, we recommend you let our highly skilled team of loft fitters take care of the job and ensure your home has a safe loft ladder to use. We handpick our loft ladders Scotland to ensure we only give you the choice of the most reliable loft ladder there is, we can recommend the best ladder for your household, as there is a large variety to choose from!

Our workmen are skilled in installing Youngman loft ladders Glasgow and are trained to do so safely, we ensure that your loft ladder is of full working order and all the safety checks have been completed for it to be deemed safe for use. Safety is paramount in our company and we want to ensure that your loved ones are kept safe. That’s why we believe it’s essential that you hire trained and reliable loft ladder installers in Glasgow such as ourselves, there is no point going for a bargain cheap price when the ladder fitter has limited experience or you believe there is a risk of the ladder being unsafe for use. Use Your Loft Ladders for your loft ladder installations and we will ensure your ladder is not only safe but is suitable for your home and has a warranty in case anything goes wrong.

Hinges Drop Down Hatch

You will need a drop down hatch in order to install your chosen loft ladder. If you do not have one, we are able to provide and install one for you, we are experts at installing loft access equipment and are able to cater for any loft access needs. It’s known that bad installations of drop down hatches have become a cold spot and a means for any heat in your home to escape. We ensure that this does not happen, our skilled workmen make sure that your loft hatch does not let any heat escape your home, keeping your family warm.

Loft Ladder Warranty

We offer a minimum 1 year Workman’s warranty to all our customers as standard. We understand that our customers want to be reassured that their loft ladder will be kept in full working order and so we believe our workman’s warranty will ensure peace of mind.

Compliant to British Standards

Our skilled loft ladder fitters in Glasgow ensure that your loft ladder complies to British Standards and is capable of bearing up to a 150kg load maximum. We like to make sure that our products are all fully capable of catering for your requirements and are strict with our processes to ensure you are safe when using your loft ladder but also your ladder will last as long as possible.

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