Property Repair

man holding keys next to a small model of a home

How to Keep Property in the Family Forever

Careful planning is required if you wish to keep the family vacation home, hunting lodge, or farm property within its family ownership. Otherwise, your children could end up…

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Is it Worth Renovating a House Before You Put It on the Market?

When deciding if it's worth renovating your house, you should take into account your objectives. Are you hoping to sell within a few years? Are there aspects of your house that…

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How to Keep Your Windows Looking Their Best

  The appearance of your windows can significantly impact the look of your home. If your windows arent taken care of they may be prone to getting damaged and you may need to…

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A guide to Tradespeople For Home Improvement

The right tradespeople are important when it comes to home renovation and refurbishment. There are many different stages of planning that depends on the size of your project. The…

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Garage Door Maintenance

Maintaining Your Garage A garage needs to be kept tidy and well kept as it is the place where you permanently keep your vehicles. It is true that the garage does not cost you much…

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We Recently Refurbished A Property

Last month we decided we were going to do a bit of investing into the property market. One of our contacts within the industry managed to source us a fantastic deal on a derelict…

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