The construction industry produces a large number of jobs, there are many different types of construction, a lot of people possess skills in multiple different types of construction. Here are just some of the types of job you could get in construction.

Construction Carpenter

Carpentry is one of the most diverse and well-known types of construction jobs. Carpentry deals with the cutting, shaping and installing materials during the construction phase of a building. Carpenters traditionally used wood and they still do today, but nowadays they tend to work with a number of different materials.  A carpenter can do anything from building and constructing the main structure of a building, all the way up to engraving detailing into a staircase or fireplace. The precision in their craftsmanship is second to none.

The construction industry produces a large number of jobs, there are many different types of construction

Contraction Electrician

Electricians aren’t just there for when you need a fuse has blown or you’re experiencing some issues with wiring. They are also the ones that initially install electrics into a property. They are also responsible for the remodelling of electrical systems. Any building that has electricity or electric lighting (which is pretty much all buildings these days, have been installed by an electrician.

Just like a carpenter, electricians tend to know many different skills regarding construction.


Masons are responsible for keeping the construction together, they make the bricks and stick them together in order to make the main structure of the construction project. They tend to work with materials such as brick, marble and concrete blocks. The bricks that make up the outside of a building is commonly referred to as masonry, which as you may have already figured out, comes from the word Mason.


Plumbers are like electricians in the sense that we most commonly associate them with doing repairs. But in reality, plumbers also have to install the plumbing initially in the property. Construction plumbers are in charge of installing or reworking systems used for drinking water, sewage and drainage.


A welder uses machines that use a superheated electrical current to fuse metals together. They work frequently with metals but have also been known to use plastics and a range of other materials.  They also need a lot of specialised equipment to ensure safety.


A glazier is someone who cuts and installs glass into windows, skylights, display cases and – more recently –  the exterior of office builds and condos. They use a manner of tools such as cutting boards, special blades, glazing knives and a variety of glass-safe adhesive materials.


A plasterer is a person who coats walls and ceilings with a protective layer of plaster. Plasterers often don’t need to use that many tools to get the jobs done and far less than their fellow constructors.