Most large events these days take the input of a range of different experts. Nowadays construction experts need to input on issues that range from the type of event structure that should be in place, to how event staffing solutions are found. For this reason, we decided to put together a short article. It’s a heads-up for anyone about to be involved in an event. Don’t worry, we haven’t just named the problems. We’re giving you viable solutions too.

Read on and find out the construction issues that might arise when planning an event.

Temporary Event Structure

One of the biggest things that will affect any event is the event structure. Whether it is semi-permanent or it is tents erected for one weekend only, you need to get it right. Luckily, there are companies such as VBS Structures who will provide any event structure that meets your needs. The event structure that you hire will entirely depend on your event type. Talk to the team at VBS and find out if they can help you work something out.

Event Structure

Programming Issues

The next problem that you will undoubtedly have is to do with programming. If this is a large scale event, the participants and performers may have sets or props that need extra construction care. They may even need an event structure of their own. This is something to agree with the management of any performer before signing contracts.

Event Staffing Solutions

For nearly every aspect of an event, you will need to bring in temporary staff. Bartenders and waiting staff aren’t usually difficult to find as there are many different companies who can provide hospitality staff at short notice. For construction or rigging staff, however, it can be a bit harder. In this case, you will need to come up with event staffing solutions. A company who can help with this is TenTen Events. This reputable and experienced company can provide staff who will work hard and know exactly what they are doing. Event staffing solutions aren’t as out of reach when this company is involved.

Event Staffing Solutions

Health and Safety

The last consideration is that health and safety will play a massive part in event planning. Health and safety is one aspect that could stop the event going ahead. For this reason, you have to get it right. Make sure your event structure has been thoroughly risk-assessed and is structurally sound. When finding event staffing solutions, make sure people are fully trained for the equipment they are using and have been given the correct protective gear.

Event Planning

If you need any more advice on this subject, be sure to contact VBS Structures. They are among the most experienced leaders in their field and will be able to help you from day 1.