If you have been thinking about moving house, but really love the area you are in, why not think about improving your current home? There can be many reasons to avoid a move, but loving your current home is definitely up there. However, it’s in our nature to get tired of the space we currently live in, so updating it is essential. A renovated or redecorated house may just put you off of the big move. We have gathered some of the best ways to improve your home instead of moving house. Some are extremely simple, and some will take the work of some professionals.

Read on and find out the best ways to improve your home instead of moving house.

Remove Clutter & Reinvent Space

One thing that can really make you tired of a space is a lot of clutter or a layout that doesn’t work for you. Take the time to have a major clear out and you will feel much better. Keep only things you are going to need or use again, as well as the most important sentimental items. Then think about the layout of your furniture. Simply changing where your sofa is situated can make a huge difference.

Try A Loft Conversion

If you want something a bit more dramatic, try a loft conversion. Many people don’t take advantage of this space enough.  You can update this space easily, but you should make sure to speak to both an architect and a builder before starting any work. Most lofts are suitable for conversion but make sure it meets building regulations.

Extend Your Home

Another way to dramatically improve your home is to extend. Whether it’s building new rooms over your garage or completing a full new two-story conversion, an extension can be a great addition to your home. Find the most cost-effective ways of completing this work and you could see a huge return on investment if you do ever decide to sell up.

Convert Your Garage

If you have a garage space that is currently being used as storage but you don’t keep your car in there, why not convert it into another living space or bedroom. You could even extend your kitchen depending on your house’s layout. Many garages already have electrics and lighting so this could be one of the easier ways to extend your home without altering the look from the outside (except perhaps adding some windows).

Add Off Street Parking

If you do convert your garage, you may need to find somewhere else to put your car. Many people are blessed with a front garden that they do not use. You can easily turn this into a great parking spot, which is brilliant if you live on a busy street or in a desirable area. Make sure to check if you need planning permission first.

Redecorate Key Rooms

The last way to improve your home is to redecorate the rooms that you use most around the house. Fitting a modern, sleek kitchen or bathroom could transform the outlook of your home. In the same vein, an updated bedroom can make you feel a lot calmer and more relaxed in the home environment.

Make sure to always keep your neighbours in the loop if you are planning any major works. Keeping them informed about your renovations can help make sure your relationship with them stays positive!