If you have been trying to sell your house but no avail, it may be time to call in some specialists. The reason your house might not be selling could be due to structural damage. Damp experts can help you evaluate your home to see if it is good to go or not. We have gathered some of the ways in which damp experts might actually be able to help you sell your home.

Read on to find out more about what damp experts can do for you.

Find Issues That Buyers May Try To Haggle On

The main thing they do is check your house’s structure. If they find anything bad they can evaluate how much damage has been caused by the damp or structural damages. If they don’t find anything then you can rest assured that these damp experts know what they are doing and would have found a problem should one have been there.

You should know the extent of any damages beforehand, as many buyers well request home surveys and attempt to negotiate the asking price lower if they find anything.

Damp Experts

Understand The Costs Involved

Knowing the damage or lack of will help you to adjust your price. If you have to make vast structural improvements then so be it. However, you could reduce the asking price by roughly what the repairs would cost to balance it out for the buyer. Either way, knowing gives you a fairer estimation of how much should be paid.

Again, this will prevent haggling and back-and-forth phone calls. Damp experts will be able to estimate the price exactly and give you a quote for any possible repairs that would be needed.

Get A Second Opinion

It is always important to get a second opinion on something as impactful as structural repairs. You should back up your damp experts with a Home Survey, or the other way around. This will mean both you and the buyer are made completely at ease knowing there are no nasty surprises in store related to the structure of the building.

Damp Experts

If you are getting a Home Survey done, be sure to ask a reputable company. Make sure you use someone who is approved by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. On the same tack, if you are buying a home, make sure you have a survey done before putting in a final offer. There have been cases of people just drying out a room and giving it a coat of paint, some problems are well hidden!