If you are trying to sell a property in Scotland, you will no doubt know that you will need a good property solicitor Glasgow has to offer. The problem is, how do you find one that best represents your home and your needs? How do you know if they represent good value? How do you know if you are getting the best service possible for your money? What kind of paperwork should I be signing? These are all very common questions that crop up all the time when people are trying to sell their home. The problem is, people will only have the opportunity to sell their house a few times in their lifetime, so there are not many occasions that will mean you sell your home and use a lawyer that you can then use again. This article will attempt to give people selling their property the advice that they have been lacking – how to choose a good property solicitor that has your best interests at heart.

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Different Kinds Of Property Solicitors Glasgow Has To Offer

Firstly we should mention that in all area of law there are specialists that work solely in that area and have become experts in their area. This is true for any branch of law, but what about when it comes to property solicitors Glasgow has to offer? Well, there are fundamentally 2 main types of property solicitors:

  • Residential Property Solicitors – these property lawyers deal with the buying and selling of homes for personal use. They tend to work with homeowners and estate agents to put through all the legal paperwork that is involved with buying a house, as well as the monetary side of the contract. They may also help with mortgage agreements and helping with singing off on agreements and contacts with other matters, for example, inheritance matters and family matters to do with property.
  • Commercial Property Solicitors – this type of lawyer is what companies would use when they are making arrangements for their workplace premises. These include warehouses, offices, shops and other customer-facing places. They tend to be a bit more specialised than the normal property solicitors, as commercial spaces are usually rented rather than bought and sold. They are less common than normal residential property solicitors.

property solicitors glasgow

How To Find The Best One For You

There are a few ways that you can find a good solicitor that works well for you:

  • Recommendations – Ask your friends and family to see if they have sold their home and if they have had a good experience with their lawyer that they used.
  • Ask Your Lender – Speak to your mortgage company, lender or financial advisor if you have one and see if they have a list of trusted, vetted solicitors
  • Ask Your Estate Agent – Your estate agent will have experience working with lots of solicitors, so speak to them and find out if they have someone they recommend
  • Look Online – There are an increasing number of online remote solicitors that will communicate by email and phone and will still provide a great service