When it comes to home DIY and construction, IKEA seems to have taken over all other competitors. The simplicity and modern style that the retailer provides is unrivalled. It has become one of the most popular brands for furniture in Europe, and beyond. For this reason, we have decided to explain some of the top reasons why this brand is so popular. From the ease of their flat pack components to the onsite restaurant, IKEA just seems to do it right.

Read on and find out what makes the Swedish brand so popular.


For a first point, their furniture is extremely simple to build. Anyone above the age of ten could probably make a reasonable attempt at building a piece of IKEA furniture. They have reduced their packaging too so that you are not left with bulky boxes and wrapping.


One of the most important factors is the style. IKEA is well-known as one of the most modern brands available. Their sleek lines and minimalist showrooms are gaining popularity. Not only that, but the style of their pieces often be adapted to fit any tastes.


The prices at IKEA have been engineered to perfection. The prices are cheap, but not too cheap. You can find items cheaper at bargain stores, however, they always appear to be very reasonably priced. Many young people choose to furnish their first homes entirely in IKEA. As you will hear more later in this article, IKEA is very popular with the younger generation.

The Food

IKEA is unique in the sense that they also serve food in their showrooms. Visitors to the stores almost feel as if they are having a grand day out. You can look around the set showrooms, browse the plants, and sample some of the great Swedish food they have on offer. Their meatballs are one of the most popular dishes they have.


Another reason that IKEA has gone from success to success is that they have targeted the right demographic. By directing their marketing and styling towards young people they have successfully broken into the right audience. Young folks love the modern, bright and playful feel of both the brand and the actual furniture. This has definitely helped their sales over the years.