We’re looking to partner with engineering companies in Glasgow, so if you want to work with us we would love to hear from you! We want to develop a new spring-latch loft ladder system, that would fold out effortlessly and make it easy for users to pull down and put away loft ladders. If you think you could work with us on designing this system, please get in touch.

What Kind Of Engineering Companies Glasgow Offers

Engineering companies (sometimes referred to as engineering service providers) are specialized companies that offer a wide range of engineering, mechanical and civil engineering services. They are usually focused on a single field such as civil, mechanical or electrical engineering. These companies have grown in importance in the construction industry over the last couple of decades, owing primarily to the growth of applied science and technology. A number of construction firms rely heavily on engineering companies Glasgow has to offer to produce a variety of necessary supplies and equipment for their operations. In addition to this, several construction firms also outsource other services such as civil adhesives, plumbing and electrical engineering to a reputable firm.

Commercial Engineering Services

Engineers and consultants offer a wide range of engineering services that can be used by both commercial and residential properties. Some of the more common services include civil engineering, which includes projects such as structural engineering, building analysis, environmental monitoring and analysis, environmental remediation, geotechnical studies and structural engineering design. Contracting, on the other hand, refers to the commissioning of a project from the client. Many construction firms also contract out plumbing, heating and electrical engineering services to specialized consulting engineering companies.

What We’re Looking For

It is not only large-scale industry engineering consulting firms that we are looking for. There are also civil engineering companies that are especially popular in the UK that we want to work with. In Europe, there are a number of engineering consulting firms that focus on providing specialized and tailored solutions to specific industry sectors, and we want to find those who think they are specific to our area. If you think this sounds like you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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